Rates of Service

Our services are truly unique…

Our rates of service include a commitment to ensure that we discuss your needs and desires with you fully and discreetly, prior to our meeting for the first time, along with maintaining discreet contact with you,  in order to further explore your yearnings and passions, in future rendezvous. Building such a personalised rapport with you, while ensuring that we are fully prepared to offer the best possible experience EVERY time, is something that we take great pride in… and we are confident that, by building this extra layer of careful attention into our services, we may entice you to return, again… and again.

Rates for our services are as follows:
1 hour $250Coffee date/ social drink date with Phoebe and
Leo – a perfect way to ‘break the ice’
1 hour$450Enjoy a four-handed, full-body Tantric experience
with Phoebe and Leo
1 hour$600Voyeur experience – do you like to watch?
SO many possibilities!
1 hour$900Phoebe and Leo –
briefly get to know us personally and intimately
2 hours$1100Extended voyeur experience –
do you like to watch? SO many possibilities!
2 hours$1500Personal, intimate experience with Phoebe and
Leo… a lot can happen in two hours…
3-4 hours $2200Personal, intimate experience with Phoebe and
Leo… but more can happen in four hours!

We can arrange for a more lengthy amount of time together and take great pleasure in fun sleepovers – please contact us for more details and to discuss your needs. We will also travel interstate on request, with additional costs incurred for such services.

We look forward to the pleasure of an encounter… or many encounters… with you xoxo