COVID – 19 Update

We know you probably don’t want to hear more about the COVID-19 virus – As it’s all over the news – but for good reason!
We need to do our best to slow down the spread of the virus, so our health systems can cope with it, and so we can help to reduce the amount of people who lose their lives. Every life is important, and we must all play our part in slowing, preventing, and ultimately stopping the spread of this deadly disease. None of us are truly safe until a vaccination is found (and widely dispersed) or until a reliable treatment is found, to prevent deaths from the disease.

There has recently been some (potentially) exciting news. Dexamethasone could potentially reduce COVID-19 deaths by a third of those requiring intensive care interventions, but the remaining two thirds is still too many deaths. There are new drugs being researched and looked into every day, around the world.
***Please note, Dexamethasone was reported in the last week or so to be a potential treatment. Not to be confused with donald trump’s hydroxychloroquine – Which actually kills COVID-19 patients, and increases rates of sudden death in those who use it as a preventative.
We need to continue to take this seriously, obey current restrictions, and continue to keep the coronavirus transmission rate here in Australia as low as possible. We have to hope we can find a solution.

We might all eventually get COVID-19… But if so, we can’t just let it spread like wildfire, or it will cause many deaths due to our health care system becoming overwhelmed. We need to keep the pandemic under control.
It doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. It means you should ALWAYS wash your hands. Ideally, have a thermometer to check your own temperature often, and check temperature of people you come into contact with. Maintain social distance. Obey current restrictions. Wear a mask in public places where social distancing may not always be possible.

The government is not trying to control us. They are trying to protect us. No politicians want to make these decisions, and place these restrictions on us. But it’s for the greater good, and we don’t want the COVID-19 pandemic to become as dangerous as it has in a lot of other countries. Victoria currently has fifteen patients in hospital with COVID-19, two of whom are in intensive care. We don’t know about you, but we would not like to require hospitalisation, or would never like for a loved one, or any fellow Australian, to require such intervention, when it can be avoided. We need to be as careful as we can. Please, we must all play our part in slowing the spread – and hopefully completely stopping the spread.

It is important to take this seriously. Back at the start of the pandemic, we cancelled a lot of bookings and didn’t work for quite a while. States also placed restrictions on escorts and the adult industry for quite a while, and these have recently been relaxed.

Our grateful thanks to Scarlett Alliance and Vixen Alliance for their tireless work in supporting sex workers throughout lockdown and in lobbying for us to be allowed back to work ❤️

We make sure to be as safe as we can be and we carry a thermometer with us to bookings, to scan your forehead and scan ours, just to make sure we don’t have temperatures! We measure our own temperatures each day too and if we were to have any symptoms we would cancel all bookings and have a COVID-19 test, self-isolate etc.

Though we don’t plan on getting it – We all have to be prepared, and take every measure we can to prevent the spread. Please, take the current global health situation seriously, be safe, and let’s get through this together.


Phoebe and Leo xoxo

Safe sex at its best – making safe sex fun!

Leo –

Safer sex is important, and it’s important for you to know that you are in safe hands.

In more than eleven years of being your male escort, I’ve used many condoms, and I’ve found the ‘female condom’ as it’s called, to be the best! And not just because I can’t fit my penis inside most of the other ones 😉

Phoebe also prefers to use the female condom. 🙂 (We do use regular condoms on our sex toys).

It’s the most comfortable. It is the safest. It is non-allergenic, often made of polyurethane or nitrile rather than latex. It has the outer ring, so the entire condom can’t slide into the vagina. And it feels more natural. Helping make safer sex a much more enjoyable experience.  

Here is a blog that I wrote quite a few years ago, back in October 2014:

“Safe sex at it’s best – Making safe sex fun!

15 October 2014

Hands up who wants to see their male escort Leo and end up with an unplanned pregnancy, or an STD? Good, I’m not seeing any hands up!! 

When you see me, you get a quality experience, just what you are looking for, and you are in safe hands. I am as safe as I can be, and wearing condoms is a must.

I have no std’s, and don’t plan on ever getting any, and I would never want to catch anything and pass it on to anyone.. As my main aim with doing what I do is not to ‘make a lot of money and become rich’ – my main aim is to be a positive difference in the lives of everyone I see, whether it is as a companion, friend, or lover … Or for a massage, or unbelievable mind-blowing sex!

So now about the safe sex, I am introducing to you… The ‘FEMALE CONDOM.’

Created by a Danish physician in the 1980’s, the female condom should have revolutionised the way we practise safe sex, and it has a lot, and especially in developing countries, though it still needs much more promotion and public awareness, across the globe.
To see more information, just do a 
google search..

There are many videos about them, showing how they work,etc.

Being a professional at what I do, and having been in the industry for more than five years, I’ve used all types of condoms.. Big, small, latex, non-latex, all these fancy new-age kinds (ribbed, ‘naked’, thin, etc.) but in my opinion NOTHING compares to the ‘Female condom.’

Personally, I want to see these in the condom section of every supermarket, pharmacy, and chemist.

I want them to be available to everyone, and for adolescents experimenting with sex to have these widely known about as a choice they can use.

It would make safe sex so much more fun, and so much more commonly practised.
Unfortunately they can only be bought online in most places. To read more about why they are not yet mainstream, click the link below.

Article: Can the female condom go mainstream?

I have been using these condoms for months now, and they’ve been nothing but fantastic. They are much safer, and as you can see from the links above, SO MUCH more comfortable, and natural-feeling. Most people can’t even feel them, which really adds to the intimacy and enjoyment of sex.

In the months since I’ve switched to using these condoms, almost all of my clients have said they would never go back to using a ‘male condom’ or regular condom.

They are just that good!

I’ve had the female condom be called a ‘Miracle umbrella,’ with their amazing feel, durability, comfort, and of course high level of safety.

Made from nitrile, they are safe and comfortable for everyone.

If you may be allergic or sensitive to latex or nitrile, feel free to bring your own condoms.

I do also carry with me a few types of ‘regular’ condoms, or ‘male condoms’ if that’s what you’d prefer! I love to appeal to all tastes!

It important to be safe, and I love to and live to be exactly what you are looking for! …”

Female ejaculation – fact or fiction?

Let me show you how your p*ssy works
Since you didn’t bring it to me first
I have lots of things to show you
If you’re ready to learn

Let me show you how your p*ssy works
Bet you didn’t know that it could squirt
I have lots of things to show you
If you’re ready to learn

Bryan McNight – Ready to Learn
(Timestamp for beginning of song: 1:18)

Ah. Female ejaculation. Yes, I was of the ‘no, it’s pee!’ brigade… once upon a time. But now… I know better 😉

Scholars from as far back to Hippocrates to the Kama Sutra have for centuries investigated the somewhat mythological squirt.’s%20still%20unclear%20how,ml%20to%20more%20than%20150ml.

But why are we still debating this in 2020? Why are some able to squirt freely and fully embrace the experience, yet others believe that female ejaculation doesn’t exist – or IF it’s accepted as existing – is it ‘normal’? If there is one thing that I hope this decade brings, I sincerely hope that self-love and acceptance are it – accepting ourselves, despite what others think of us is a mantra that could help us to overcome hate – because if no-one gives a sh*t about what others think, then what’s the point in hate?

I can only speak from my personal experiences here, but I am aware of similar concerns amongst my female friends – for me, it was about the conditioning I received as a child. Don’t touch. Nice girls don’t do that. Nice girls have sex with their husbands.

But then my life was completely turned upside down and I fell in love with Leo, my partner in all things – including escorting. Let’s just say he showed me how my p*ssy works 😉 and I can now show you too! If you’re part of the significant proportion of women who are capable of squirting and never experienced it… you are missing OUT, ladies. And gentlemen – it is a HUGE turn on to learn the skills to be able to make your partner squirt!

If you want to find out how your or your partner’s p*ssy ‘works’ – we would love to show you how 🙂

Phoebe xoxo