Our Services

Our desire is to bring you pleasure. That pleasure may come in many forms – from companionship at an important event, to interesting and engaging conversation over a delicious meal, to intimate threesome M/F/F and straight couples experiences, or males seeking to make Phoebe the centre of attention in a M/M/F experience, your pleasure is our top priority.

We pride ourselves on being flexible with our offerings and allowing our clients to discuss their needs and fantasies with us prior to our time together. We endeavour to be as accommodating as possible in meeting our client’s requirements. We take great pride in taking the time to discuss with you, prior to meeting with you, your predilections – EVERY time. We are also happy to go with the flow, should you be so inclined.

Phoebe, while identifying as straight, is very much bi-curious; Leo is straight. Therefore, no overt M/M contact will occur during our time together. In this context, male clients can engage us to double team and explore Phoebe’s bratty side  – she loves being the centre of attention, however, is always conscious of ensuring that our clientele are our main priority.

  • Leo is a successful male escort for women and couples, with over 10 year’s experience in the industry. He will be continuing to provide individual services (see our links page for details).
  • Phoebe is a successful female escort for men, women and couples. See our links page for details.

We offer a mind-blowing couples/boyfriend/girlfriend/voyeur experience… or can be naughtier (FAR naughtier)! We do have hard limits, however, we will discuss these with you prior to our meeting you for the first time. We fully support the right of every human to experience sexual pleasure and gratification and we are thrilled to be offering our services to those with whom we identify, including those that are differently-abled, in a discreet and exciting way. We support the work of Touching Base, a registered charity that assists differently abled clients to make contact with escorts who are able to cater to their needs.

charcuterie – fuel for lovers

Charcuterie boards are our favourite! We are able to provide a truly delicious charcuterie board (or, served bento style) to make our time together extra special. Prices for this service vary, dependent on the requested spread.

Phoebe has significant experience in food service and has recently completed the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria DoFoodSafely course (Certificate# 00046140, available to view on request), as further evidence of our commitment to your safety with us.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about our charcuterie service, to truly indulge all of your senses.

Sensual massage

What can be more indulgent, seductive and exotic than a sensual massage, designed to awaken you and your senses to the pleasures that await you? As a couple, we can provide erotic massage to couples or individuals, in order to relax and entice you to fully surrender to the desires to follow and which are tailored to your needs. Our massage offerings are designed to heighten the senses and relax the mind, body and spirit. 

We offer a range of erotic massage, including Tantric massage. We endeavour to create a spa-like experience for our clientele, which includes the provision of massage tables (for services in Victoria only), thick, fluffy towels and massage oils scented with exotic, pure essential oil blends, to enliven your senses (or unscented, to accommodate your preference), ambient music and candlelight. 

In order to provide this service to you, we ask that, if you wish to partake in our erotic massage experiences, you inform us prior to our time together, to allow us to be fully prepared. Erotic massage is included within our rates of service. 

You are safe with us – always

We are committed to your comfort, safety and pleasure, in a fun, safe environment. Our obligation to our clients is to ensure that we know your needs intimately before we meet with you for the first time and that we maintain contact with you, to explore further in the future.

We are highly particular in our personal presentation and ensure that we meet the highest grooming standards and hygiene practices possible. You will be highly impressed by our commitment to your personal health and wellbeing.

We both undertake sexual health screenings every three months. We also insist on safe sex practices. This is not only for our benefit, but for yours also – we care about you and your health and will never risk your physical wellbeing for a spur of the moment decision that could have lasting implications.

Our dedication to such practices is in response to what we have observed as being concerning to us both.

We are both registered sex workers, which means that neither of us has a) a criminal record and b) must be of good character. To ensure that our reputations within the industry are exceptional is paramount, so we strive to thoroughly exceed these expectations. Our discretion is an essential part of our reputation, and you can rest assured that we are ALWAYS discreet.

Leo: SWA 6844 XE

Phoebe: SWA 12865 XE