Melbourne Couples Escorts Radio Interview

If you tuned into the radio program Behind Closed Doors a while ago, you’d have heard us chatting with Dean and Sassy, two presenters of the show, about our work, lives, and just life in general.

Behind Closed Doors is a great radio program, run by sex workers, and full of sex worker friendly material, guests, and information.

If you’d like to donate to the community radio station 3cr, please click here.

I had an interview with Dean on the radio last year, talking about what it’s like being a male escort.

And since then it’s came up in conversation that Phoebe and I are in a relationship, and working together as a couple, and Dean said that sounds like a good interview!

So, with covid social distancing restrictions, we had the interview remotely, from our lounge room, to Dean’s room, to Sassy’s room, and had a chat about what it’s like working as a couple, and being in a relationship.

If you’d like to check it out, click here.

We show that love is strong enough for us to do anything together. And always will be.


Leo and Phoebe


“And everything I had to know,
I heard it on my radio…..

… Radio, someone still loves you…

Queen, Radio Gaga

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