The dreaded internet stalker

Phoebe – 9th march 2020

One thing that Leo (and therefore, I) have had to deal with recently is the scary world of the internet stalker.

Leo posted about this on his blog recently here, especially about his right to privacy and how one would feel if it was yourself who was on the receiving end. Unfortunately, the stalker in question has also found me and by proxy, I am now too the target of internet stalking. 

At that time, we were deep in planning our work together and how we would introduce ourselves to the world. Some might say that Leo was being hypocritical in that post, as he did not refer to me (and stated that he doesn’t have a girlfriend – which may lose him some clientele!) and b) what was happening ‘behind the scenes’ with the planning of Melbourne Couples Escorts -but please, try to look at this from our perspective. If you read my previous blog post, I hope you’ll see that this has not been an easy path for Leo because he’s had to navigate his work with a relationship, which may be upsetting to some of his clients – a relationship was NOT on his radar (or mine!) but it is wonderful just the same – and we wouldn’t change it for the world! And working together? I said a lot about that in my previous blog post, so please, go read it 🙂

I’d like to reinforce this with a quote directly from Leo’s blog about this subject:

“I don’t deserve this stalking, and I deserve to be able to have a private life, don’t you think?”

And yes, Leo and I do deserve to have a private life. it’s really unnerving to have to deal with a stalker, but it really is as simple as blocking the person in question and ensuring the safety of those that you care about, by locking down your social media profiles to the highest possible security settings – in any cyberstalking situation.

Regarding the law in Victoria, the following quote is from

“[T]he actus reus of stalking is engaging in a course of conduct that includes acting in a way that could reasonably be expected to arouse apprehension or fear in the victim for his safety or that of any other person, where the course of conduct engaged in actually has that effect… The mens rea for stalking is an intention to cause physical or mental harm or of arousing apprehension or fear in the victim for the victim’s own safety or that of any other person.”

His Honour went on to outline the four elements that the offence consists of which are:

  • there must be a course of conduct;
  • the course of conduct must involve a protracted act or several acts;
  • the accused must perform the act or acts with the intention of causing physical or mental harm to the victim or of arousing apprehension or fear in the victim for his or her own safety or that of another person; and
  • the course of conduct must have aroused apprehension or fear in the victim for his or her own safety or that of another person, and the course of conduct requires a continuity of purpose.

This person is also breaking Australian Federal Law – and if need be, we can have someone track ISP’s to present this information to the police, both at a State and Federal level. If we have to we will take appropriate steps to protect ourselves – but in all honesty, we feel really sorry for the person in question as they are delusional and we hope that they can find the strength to seek assistance regarding caring for their mental health.

Neither of us wish ill on anyone, we just don’t think that way – and this person needs to know that we just feel sad for them.

“Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.” African Proverb

Sorry for the heavy blog post, we’d prefer to keep these fun and informative – but please know that we take your safety as seriously as we do ours and us sharing this with you is in part to demonstrate this to you but to also ensure that the person in question sees that we are not afraid and that we will stand up to them!


Phoebe xoxo

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