Female ejaculation – fact or fiction?

Let me show you how your p*ssy works
Since you didn’t bring it to me first
I have lots of things to show you
If you’re ready to learn

Let me show you how your p*ssy works
Bet you didn’t know that it could squirt
I have lots of things to show you
If you’re ready to learn

Bryan McNight – Ready to Learn
(Timestamp for beginning of song: 1:18)

Ah. Female ejaculation. Yes, I was of the ‘no, it’s pee!’ brigade… once upon a time. But now… I know better 😉

Scholars from as far back to Hippocrates to the Kama Sutra have for centuries investigated the somewhat mythological squirt.


But why are we still debating this in 2020? Why are some able to squirt freely and fully embrace the experience, yet others believe that female ejaculation doesn’t exist – or IF it’s accepted as existing – is it ‘normal’? If there is one thing that I hope this decade brings, I sincerely hope that self-love and acceptance are it – accepting ourselves, despite what others think of us is a mantra that could help us to overcome hate – because if no-one gives a sh*t about what others think, then what’s the point in hate?

I can only speak from my personal experiences here, but I am aware of similar concerns amongst my female friends – for me, it was about the conditioning I received as a child. Don’t touch. Nice girls don’t do that. Nice girls have sex with their husbands.

But then my life was completely turned upside down and I fell in love with Leo, my partner in all things – including escorting. Let’s just say he showed me how my p*ssy works 😉 and I can now show you too! If you’re part of the significant proportion of women who are capable of squirting and never experienced it… you are missing OUT, ladies. And gentlemen – it is a HUGE turn on to learn the skills to be able to make your partner squirt!

If you want to find out how your or your partner’s p*ssy ‘works’ – we would love to show you how 🙂

Phoebe xoxo

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