About Us

About me (by Leo)

Hey there, my name is Leo Dale, and it is my pleasure, along with Phoebe, to introduce you to a whole new world, expanding the limits of what you thought possible.

I have been a male escort for women for more than ten years, and am very proud to do what I do. I love making women feel great, in every way. 

Along the way, I’ve come across many new ideas, concepts and ways of living. I’ve learnt and continue to learn a lot about women and about myself.

I identify as a straight male and as well as seeing female clients, some of my clients are couples. This can be a great way to explore and enjoy – and actually, incredibly, create even more of a sexual connection with your partner. Having either another male, or another female, join you in the bedroom, can be exhilarating, exciting, and downright sexy!

What if you could have both? A couple who wanted to explore, with you, all of your deepest,  most intimate fantasies? And not only that, but with a couple who are in a relationship, who are fully committed to each other – and both love to please?

Well, now you can. I am so happy to have Phoebe in my life. We have such a deep love, and understand each other on a soul to soul level. We are completely in tune with each other – mind, body, and soul – and we make magic together! We would love to share some of that magic with you and are very excited to have the opportunity to do so.

Standing at 188cm tall, I love to stay in shape, and have a muscular body. I’ve often been told I have beautiful eyes, and I love to smile!

I am happy, humble, down-to-earth, and I’d describe myself as being different; unique. Of course we are all unique, but a lot of people don’t let themselves be themselves. To truly shine as a person you have to do YOU. Be yourself. 

I value honesty, integrity, authenticity and compassion, among other qualities.

Growing up in country Victoria, where I still live, I have a deep connection to the land, and respect for all life. It’s a beautiful world, and we are all so lucky to be here.

Born under the star sign Libra, I am all about balance and harmony, and I can totally relate to the importance of this – the old saying, “all work and no play”… yes, that means you, too! It says a lot about how I live day to day, and interact with others. I love to give. And I love to give pleasure.

Phoebe and I both love to give, and we look forward to coming on this journey with you. You definitely won’t regret it!

About Leo (by Phoebe)

When you intuitively and fully know your lover, sparks REALLY fly – a deep, soul to soul connection, one that transcends time, space and place.

Leo is the kindest, most caring and DEFINITELY the sexiest man I have ever had the pleasure to meet – and now, we share so much more. As a lover he is beyond compare; as a companion he is sweet, considerate, funny and a great listener – he is a master of the art of conversation. Did I mention he’s also incredibly handsome? 

Leo is simply stunning, in every way. There’s no other way I can describe him and I thank the Universe every day that we found each other. I can never, EVER get enough of Leo… and I know you won’t ever be able to get enough either 🙂 His relaxed and attentive manner will put you at ease, his dazzling smile will draw you in (along with those heavenly baby blues), his body will entice and you will be BEGGING for more.

Leo is an experienced male escort for ladies and will continue his work beyond Melbourne Couples Escorts.

Spending an evening (or longer) with Leo is great for one’s body, mind and soul – and as a couple, we hope to share the deep connection that we enjoy with you, to ensure a truly exceptional experience, that will entice you to come back for more, again and again.

About Me (by Phoebe)

Hello, my name is Phoebe Mae and, along with Leo, it’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance. We look forward to getting to know you better. 

I always endeavour to present myself in a way that will not only make you feel comfortable, but will also entice your senses – I dress for the occasion and strive to never disappoint. University educated and intelligent, I am equally confident at an important occasion, an intimate dinner, in your hotel room or in the comfort of your home.

While I enjoy the finer things in life, I’m actually fairly down to earth – as a Capricorn, I take great satisfaction in providing the best of myself and Leo to you, as I’m highly ambitious and thrive on doing my best at everything I do. I’m practical, pragmatic but am also a bit of a brat 😉 I love being the centre of attention or making other’s fantasy a reality. 

I am 163 cm tall, born in Australia of Irish descent, with a fair complexion and cascades of curly, dark brown hair. I am a true curvy size 12 and a DD cup. I have a single piercing in each earlobe, no tattoos. I take great satisfaction in caring for my body, mind and spirit.

I’ve always believed that women should feel free to love the body they’re in, despite all the mind fuckery that we should be ashamed of our bodies – and I love mine! No one is perfect and my body does bear a surgical scar (on my tummy) but without that scar I wouldn’t be here today – and so I wear it proudly, as a mark of rite of passage. To love others, one must first fully love oneself. I celebrate the beauty of your body as I do my own.

While I identify as straight, I am DEFINITELY bi-curious. I love intimate experiences with women (and ladies, I love the excitement of exploring your curiosity together AND I know the power of this to turn your man on!).

I am beyond excited to be working alongside Leo andI’m looking forward to hearing from you soon xoxo

Phoebe – by Leo

Beautiful. Sexy. Smart. Captivating. Intelligent. Funny. Charismatic. Delicious.

Phoebe is a gem. Sometimes you get lucky in life and find an amazing person, who you get along with in every way, have so much in common with and love so much – and who feels the same way about you. Every day I feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Everything about Phoebe made me want and desire her from the moment I met her, and she felt the same. It truly was love at first sight. 

We have so much in common – and put simply, we can’t get enough of each other. We have such a passion for each other, that can be tangibly felt by our clients – and just adds to the experience in such an amazing way! 

Phoebe loves to please, and every inch of her body is beautiful, sexy, and delectable, leaving you wanting more!

She has such beautiful eyes and a lovely smile, with lush, smooth skin. With such an alluring body, Phoebe has an astonishingly awesome personality to match.

Oozing sex appeal, as well as being an intelligent, funny, and a brilliant conversationalist, Phoebe is definitely much more than just the girl next door. Phoebe is amazing, and such a kind, wonderful, friendly, and caring person.

I’m sure you will love meeting Phoebe. We both look forward to meeting you.